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We specialize in Nordmann Fir trees and were the first tree farm in Caliofrnia to offer this magnicent variety. Each tree is hand pruned to bring out the best natural potential in each individual Christmas tree. We also grow Douglas and Silvertip Christmas trees.
We will also offer ranch grown pre-cut Nordmann Fir at bargain prices!

Prices start at $30.00 for small trees under 4 feet (cardholders) and up to $200.00 for prime estate specimens over 12 feet in height. We have not increased prices this year.

Prices INCLUDE tax and packaging
(Discount cards for returning customers will apply to all prices)

Silver Tip        Douglas         Douglas               Nordmann      Silver Tip


The Douglas Fir is a deep, dark green tree and provides the highest degree of density for customers who enjoy a very full tree.

The Red Fir or Silver Tip
is a light green to almost silver color and is more openly branched

The Nordmann Fir
is deep green in color with a silver underside to the needles.  This tree is medium in density. 

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